Kulwinder Seed Farm

I am Kulwinder Singh Nagra from Sangrur. While studying in Metric, I began to work with my father in the crop fields. I quit study to devote my full time to my family’s profession i.e. agriculture. I always wanted to incorporate scientific technologies developed by the scientists at PAU/Agri. Department. So, I regularly started visiting PAU especially during the Kisan Melas to acquaint myself with latest advances in agriculture. While at the same time I came in the contact of Pepsi Foods Company and started cultivation of chillies under a contract with the company from 2007 & 2009.

At present besides paddy and wheat I am growing Vegetables, summer pulses, basmati, barley, mustard, gram on some part of my land to diversify my cropping. To conserve soil fertility and to ensure judicious use of water I always stress upon adopting good agricultural practices. I have pledged before my village and the Almighty that I will never burn wheat and paddy straw instead I will incorporate these residues into the soil in order to improve the fertility status of my soil and also to conserve environment.